Saturday, 26 January 2013

Library Part 1: The great 'Annie Sloan' experiment

My brother, Lewis, has what he calls a 'man cave' - its a room that is his space that cant be touched by anyone else. (Annoying, because it could do with a spruce up.) So, given that evidence of all my hobbies are spread throughout the house, i have commandeered the spare room with the intent of creating my very own version of a 'man cave' - a library.

It'll be for my all my crafting and reading needs! It'll have bookshelves - which i can hopefully make look built in. An expedit 4x4 will relocate from my bedroom. An old desk which is currently dismantled and under the sofa. I also need an arm chair, a Tiffany lamp and a footstool.

My first project (after gutting it!) is the rejuvenation of the Ikea unit from my bedroom - An expedit 4x4. My expedit unit is the brown black variety and seems to have a plastic veneer surface. I think its too dark. It would make the room smaller, and its a small enough room already. So, I'm going to paint it!

Normally to paint over something with a plastic veneer requires you to apply a primer, leave it to set, then paint it. (i googled it!) However, my mum gave me a better idea - Annie Sloan chalk paint. 

I started painting it earlier. I expected it to all gather together and refuse to paint, but it painted on brilliantly! I think its possibly the easiest paint i've ever used. Its seems to go a long way. So far i have painted the top 4 sections. When there is better light tomorrow i'll take pictures and maybe paint some more...

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