Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Charity Upcycling Clothes Project - some results - baby booties, a giraffe, tartan clutch bags and lots more!

I have to tell you, I am flippin' knackered. I think that this has been more exhausting than actually doing the volunteering in January and February! There is a *slight* possibility that I took on more than I bargained for, but overall, I’ve really enjoyed myself. The next challenge will be to get rid of this stuff!
So. I started off with this:
-pair of jeans  £3.50
-long tartan skirt  £3.50
-tweedy type blazer  £6
-grey pinstripe linen trousers  £3
-grey tartan/ plaid shirt  £3
-pink pinstripe shirt  £3
-navy floral top  £2
-tie  £1
-frilly woollen jumper  £4
-a mustard coloured top  £3
Total: £32

I’ve put a rough guesstimate of what you’d get for the clothes in your average charity shop beside each. It could be a little more or less. Seeing that, makes it a little scary actually… I’d like to make at least £32 on it all…Fair enough, I only paid £3 for the mustard top, the rest are clothes from a bag destined for donation from our house. All the same though, I’d like to be able to say that the clothes were worth more as a goose, a tartan bag and an apron etc.!

Here are my makings thus far:

The Tie necklace

This baby was inspired by this tutorial by my fellow blogger Green Eggs n Ham's tutorial: here

Personally, I really quite like it!

The jean leg apron
Inspired by a pinterest picture (unfortunately, the link didn't work to give credit!) I shall find a model to photograph!

Flamingo - from a clip art pic on google images

Tommy T-Rex
Bought pattern from Bit of Whimsy - available here

Tartan bag (No.1)
This was also a bought pattern. It's called the Katie bag and I bought it from Etsy - link here

I did make a second, slightly different version of this. Will put on facebook soon!

The Tartan Bib

I used this pattern and used the mustard top as a backing. Here is the (free!) tutorial

Tartan Clutches

I got the idea from this tutorial over at Craftaholics Anonymous. Strangely - i didn't use a sleeve...


This little guy came from a pattern i came across here. There are no instructions as such - just the patter

Lucy Goosey!

Pattern from the Long Thread, Love her.


The pattern from All Craft Blogs - another freebie!

These handsome little fellas are another Etsy find. You'll have to pay for the pattern, but they're so cute its worth it!

Pattern here

Made from my frilly jumper. Basically sewed round the cushion! Sewed some of remaining jumper into flowers. Undecided about frills - figure if someone wants it, they can choose!

Last, but, not least - my Welsh Terrier! Ok. Yes. I'm biased. Made myself one with sticky up ears just like Alfie! He's based on the Scotty pattern by another lovely crafter - link here. Hers is a Scotty dog, I altered it to look more welsh :) Kudos to her though!


  1. Some really lovely stuff Shelley - I am sure you will make well over double what the boring ol'e clothes woulda been worth! x

  2. Lol I am hoping so! Few more things to go :)